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The New Jersey Forestry Association toured our facility on May 15, 2010 as part of their Stewardship Field Day Program. John Falconio, owner of Riephoff Sawmill explained operation including the Frick head rig with a 56 inch circular saw, the Frick 6 inch gang saw edger, the planer, the “Bandit Beast” horizontal mulch grinder, the log yard, crane mats being made and an outdoor 800,000 BTU wood burning stove that heats the floor of the shop where crane mats are made.

New Jersey Forestry Association Tour Article

Mr Falconio explained how our staff sent 110 truck load’s of crane mats made of 12″ x 12″ timbers to  the 9/11 scene in Manhattan to support huge cranes used in the rescue and clean-up efforts. Other products they saw included horse bedding sawdustshoring timber’s, custom cut timbers, and pointed tree stakes. Other Projects such as the blocking for securing the aircraft carrier U.S.S Intrepid in dry dock were reviewed. They also saw cranberry bog box lumber, beams for timber frame homes, triple ground mulch, Planks for shoring sewer and water main repairs, and much more.

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