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Hardwood Shoring, Blocking & Ramps

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Shoring is portable beams used to stabilize a structure or excavations.  When deep excavations are required, adjacent buildings, streets & equipment must be protected with strong hardwood shoring timbers.  Riephoff Sawmill can provide the support needed for these projects.  When using shoring for utility work trenches or temporary structures, we can custom cut to your specifications.

Blocking or cribbing is used to level, support or stack items for transport or construction.

Ramps are custom cut and tapered to your specifications.  The most common application is for loading and unloading equipment.

Dunnage is wood that is used on the bottom of lifts of lumber to protect the lumber from moisture, contamination and mechanical damage.  Dunnage listed below is usually sized from 2 x 3 and 2 x 4 and in various lengths.  Our dunnage is cut from mixed hardwoods.

Dunnage Specifications
2 x 3 x R/L 4 x 6 x R/L
2 x 4 x R/L 6 x 6 x R/L
3 x 3 x R/L 8 x 8 x R/L
3 x 4 x R/L 10 x 10 x R/L
4 x 4 x R/L 12 x 12 x R/L

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